Saturday, October 13, 2007

Top 4 Songs of Today (Convencion Hispana is Today!)

It is Saturday morning here @ 7:38am neither of us want to be awake. Kelly has to go to work and I have to go volunteer at a convention, beh for not being able to sleep in. The convention I have to help out is Convencion Hispana at Lincoln West High School in runs today from 8:30 - 4pm. It is the premire event this year for Hispanics to unit here in Ohio. Even if you don't care about Hispanic issues you should come out and see the Keynote speaker Dr. Samuel Betances, he is a former gang member who went on to go to Harvard and is an amazing speaker.

On to other things... Another beh to The Tribe for totally forgetting to not suck last night and getting waxed by Boston 10-3.

4. (mp3) Black Mountain - Don't Run Our Hearts Around, they are playing tonight @ The Grog opening for The Walkmen should be a great show.

3. (mp3) Pernice Bros - Pisshole In The Snow We've been walking up to this song all week. Sometimes the old Ipod can pick some good wake up songs.

2. (mp3) Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You We've been hearing about this band for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes you have give into the hype and actually listen. Guess what they are right this band is worth shouting about. Listen to their awesome combination of The Go team meets Robert Smith and a slew of other great pop bands sound.

1. (mp3) Okkervil River - Unless It's Kicks Till recently we'd never really listened to this band and we now know what many of you already know..... these guys own. These guys bring to mind so many bands

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