Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving*

For now, we are enjoying baked (and very salty!) pumpkin seeds while listening to the new Film School album, Hideout.

Earlier, we had a lot of fun while carving pumpkins:

Bonus: Guess which pumpkin is whose and win a prize*


ryan said...

I reverse my earlier guess and say that Jose's is on the right and Kelly's is on the left.

Here's my reasoning:

The right one was clearly stenciled, and I told Kelly earlier in the day that using a stencil was cheating.

You can't slip one past me!

(I'm probably wrong, but oh well.)

ryan said...

(Did you know? Stenciled pumpkins let the terrorists win.)

Pookie Pie said...

Kelly;s is on the right and Jose's is on the left :) I know who!

Anonymous said...

my guess is jose for the right and kelly for the left. jose looks like he could do some serious damage with the knife. maybe he didn't even use the stencil!! actually, my real guess is that kelly did them both; zay is too uncoordinated. sorry, zay :)