Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week!!

On this Sunday afternoon, we felt inspired to post songs that we like that have "Sunday" in the title. This is because upon a previous discusssion, we realized that Saturday gets a lot more love than Sunday [see previous post], so we are just trying to throw some love towards this underappreciated day.

5. [Mp3] Bloc Party - Sunday (live Black Session)

4. [Mp3] Of Montreal - Everyday Feels Like Sunday

3. [Mp3] Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning

2. [Mp3] No Doubt - Sunday Morning <-- we wanted this, but neither of us have it in our iTunes Libarary nor could we find it anywhere. . . Alternate 2. [Mp3] The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

1. [Mp3] Jimmy Eat World - A Sunday

ps - Our favorite person named Marisa (who happens to be Jose's sister), turned 23 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Charlie said...

Acid House Kings and Jimmy Eat World... i like it!