Saturday, February 03, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week!!

This Saturday evening, we find ourselves staying indoors (and not going downtown to see the Luna Negra Ballet, which we had tickets for) from this abrasive and unforgiving weather. Hybernating is fine by us because we are highly entertained by an old favorite of ours: The Rules of Attraction. Speaking of which, does anybody happen to have that Robin Thicke song ("I want to get you alone") used in the naked party scene??

For now, we hope you enjoy your evening and our Top Five Songs of the Week:

5. [Mp3] Lily Allen - Naive There's a rumor that she is coming to C-town! *fingers crossed*

4. [Mp3] Maria Taylor - Replay So excited for her new album to be released this month

3. [Mp3] Emily Haines - Our Hell Heard this great song last night while at B-side

2. [Mp3] Amy Millan - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab Cover) Simply beautiful

1. [Mp3] Fiction Like Candy - Mannequin A fabulous band for fans of Nouvelle Vague and Si Se*


Anonymous said...

I walked out of the movie theatre when I saw Rules of Attraction.

Kelly & Jose said...

It's not for everyone. . .

There's no accounting for good taste.