Sunday, February 18, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week (it really needs to stop f*cking snowing!)

Yet another day here in northeast Ohio, with sub freezing temperatures and plenty of snow abound. There are signs at the end of next week that we will actually get over 30 degree weather, so at least it is going to be somewhat warmer soon.

5. [Mp3] Modest Mouse - Dashboard Their new album "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank"
finally leaked this week and their first single continues to get stuck in my skull.

4. [Mp3] Leichtenstein - Stalking Skills This quartet who hail from Göteborg, Sweden make dreamy indie pop you won't soon forget.

3. [Mp3] The Changes - This is it. We were actually talking about Huey Lewis this morning so it is only fitting that we discovered this awesome cover of his song.

2. [Mp3] The Photo Atlas - Handshake Heart Attack Frantic guitars, pent up energy & disonant vocals that bring to the mind of sounds of Les Savy Fav, At The Drive In and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

1. [Mp3] The Kings of Leon - Mcfearless These Tennessee boys have a new long player coming out this spring and as evidence by this song they are sounding more polished than ever and dare I say: beginning to sound like The Pixies?

Bonus: Isn't it great to watch a douchebag on live tv get caught like a deer in headlights? I am not much of a fan of John Mayer's music, but I do think he would be a fun person to hang out with.


Anonymous said...

you know you actually love, jose.

j. m.

Anonymous said...

meant to say love me ... actually love me.