Sunday, February 04, 2007

"If you don't know, now you know"

This week, while doing our typical perusing of what bands are on tour, we saw that Sparrowhouse (aka Jared from voxtrot) is touring and of course isn't coming to c-town. As usual, we were like "what the f*ck, why doesn't anyone want to come to c-town?" (ie - tours that aren't coming here: The Walkmen, Bloc Party, Explosions in the Sky, etc)

Then on Thursday, we saw that voxtrot (you may recall last year when we drove all the way down to Columbus on a week night to see them, check the post) was going on tour, so we were like, we'll humor ourselves and see if they are coming anywhere around Cleveland. . .and low and behold, freaking voxtrot are coming to The Beachland on June 11th with freaking Au revoir Simone opening. This would be the second show this year that shocked the sh*t out of us, the first being of course the fact that Asobi Seksu finally came to Cleveland.

While we are on the topic of shows, we would also like to add that we (especially Jose) is super stoked that The Hourly Radio are finally coming to c-town to play @ Peabody's in March (unfortunately they were unable to play in town last summer b/c the venue was double booked).

There are so many good shows coming up, we are just going to take a moment and highlighting the ones we are looking fwd to:

Young Love - February 26th @ The B-side This up and coming band features Dan Keyes, who is the ex-lead singer of Recover, which have drawn comparisons to labelmates The Killers but they have a lot more pop-electro hits that will get stuck in your skull

TV on the Radio - March 6th @ The Agora Blipsters in the house, 'nuff said!

The Slip - March 17th @ The Grog Shop We were very impressed with their set at The House of Blues opening for My Morning Jacket, we're looking forward to seeing how they are as a headliner in an intimate setting

Amina - March, 25th @ The House of Blues (Cambridge Room) We were blown away by their performance opening for Sigur Ros last year, and no doubt they chose to come back to Cleveland due to their warm reception

Neko Case - April 1st @ The Beachland Ballroom yay!


[Mp3] Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves/You Can Hide Your Love Forever ( Lounge Acts)
[Mp3] Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song
[Mp3] The Hourly Radio - Say Something (awesome cover of this James song)
[Mp3] Young Love - Discotech (Ocelot Remix)
[Mp3] TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me
[Mp3] The Slip - Even Rats
[Mp3] Amina - Hemipode
[Mp3] Neko Case - That Teenage Feeling

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