Saturday, November 25, 2006

Top 5 Songs of The Week!!

We are currently trying to hone our somewhat non-existant cooking skills by watching Giada De Laurentiis in Everyday Italian -- while making slight strides, we continue to be inspired by her positive outlook and equally fabulous cookbook of the same name. In the meantime, we are bracing ourselves for looking forward to our day of shopping and crowd dodging we have planned on this unusually warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

For now, we hope you enjoy your day and these Top 5 Songs of the Week:

5. [Mp3] Field Music - You're So Pretty An excellent song by this fun Brit chamber-pop band, who fortunately is coming out with new material that iGiF so generously offers here

4. [Mp3] The Cake Sale - Some Surprise Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody compliments the female vocals perfectly in this romantic song

3. [Mp3] The Morning Benders - I Was Wrong For fans of The Walkmen and The Killers, that is sure to generate more buzz in the near future

2. [Mp3] Pink Nasty - BTK Blues This singer-songwriter's name is what originally drew us in, but her beautiful vocals keep us coming back, reminding us of a cross between Rosie Thomas and Dar Williams

1. [Mp3] The Poems - Sometime Somewhere Someone Should Say Something A beautiful collection of sound with peaceful vocals and simplistic, relateable lyrics

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