Saturday, November 04, 2006

Top 5 Songs of the Week (Where did fall go?)

Today is just a nice lazy fall Saturday here in the midwest -- here are some songs to help you enjoy it:

5. (mp3) Meiko - Xmas song This girl, who just asked to our friend on myspace the other day, hails from L.A. via Georgia -- she makes beautiful, soulful music drawing from such influences as Fiona Apple, Nina Simone and Portishead.

4. (mp3) Sparrow House - Foxes (sighing like a furnace) aka Jared from Voxtrot, Kelly says "this is a very peaceful and warming song" and since she is on the mend it is just what the Dr. ordered.

3. (mp3) Tiger Trap - Words and Smiles Super fun and catchy, all girl twee pop from the early 90's, sure to bring a smile to your face -- thanks Skatterbrain.

2. (mp3) Operator - Too Late A hypnotic track that leaves you wanting to listen to it on repeat -- This Austin band is influenced by the sounds of Stereolab, Hooverphonic, and Goldfrapp.

1.(mp3) Teenage Fanclub - If I never see you again A beautiful song we can't enough of -- also note the possible influence they must have played on Ben Gibbard.

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