Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My United States of Whatever!

A few weeks ago you may recall we had a post on Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic". While checking out the credits for that film we realized that it was directed by Liam Lynch. That name sounded very familiar to us, so we checked imdb.com and found out that Liam Lynch is the same Liam Lynch who directed and created Sifyl and Olly along with his friend Matt Crocco. Back in 97-98 Jose thought Sifyl and Olly were the greatest thing ever. We looked at amazon.com to see if the episodes are available for sale yet but no such luck. However when when we looked on youtube we found some Sifly and Olly and thus we present to you: Sifyl and Olly doing Liam Lynch's "United States of Whatever".

(MP3) Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever (For Lauren)

Bonus: Some Precious Roy for that @ss

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