Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mmm. . .Johnny Cupcakes

Last week, our close friend Jackie gave us a really thoughtful and unique engagement present: his and hers Johnny Cupcake t-shirts. Until then, neither of us had ever heard of this Boston-based clothing brand -- unbeknowst us, Johnny Cupcakes has been kicking around since 2001. The company was started by John Earle as a joke, he began selling his Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts on the side while on tour with his hardcore band, On Broken Wings. While touring, he was so successful selling his t-shirts that he decided to make it a full-time gig. This was a big leap for John since he had only a semester of college under his belt and not a fan of the 9-5. Fortunately, his t-shirts have gone from a joke to a very lucrative business where his t-shirts range in price anywhere from $33 - $70 dollars, most of which are made in limited quantities allowing the brand to remain exclusive.

Just this past year, the first (and only) Johnny Cupcakes store opened on Boston's Newbury Street. If you don't live in Boston, you might be able to find a few select stores that carry his t-shirts in the States -- not to mention, locations in Japan even sell his stuff. And of course you can browse/purchase a variety of t-shirts from his website :) For now he only sells t-shirts but has plans to make Johnny Cupcakes into a brand that also carries bags, ties, jackets, and other merchandise in development. Judging by his talent, these t-shirts are a sign of yet even sweeter success in store for Johnny Cupcakes.

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Jacqueline said...

Look how cute you two are! Thanks for sportin' the frosting! You look absolutley delicious!

A little factoid...Johnny Cupcake tried to sell his look to Urban. Unfortunately, they weren't nibbling at his designs. Later, one of Johnny's t-shirt's appeared on the rack. He sued Urban for stealing his trademark. I think that he got the better end of that deal!

I hope to catch ya this weekend!


laplounge said...

love those johnny cupcakes, i saw that urban outfitters did that to them... urbane couture also has some great punk t shirts