Monday, December 19, 2005

Stars fill up my eyes

While eating countless Pizzelles (I prefer vanilla to anise) and checking my email, a few Laura Veirs songs resurfaced on my iTunes player. . .

Well, Jose can tell you all about my mixed feelings toward Laura Veirs -- although she possesses all the qualities I love in a musician (being quirky yet introspective, atmospheric yet lyric driven, etc.) there just seemed to be something missing. She even messaged me on myspace and I wasn't close to being sold. Even so, I wanted to give her a fair chance and thought perhaps seeing her perform live would make me a fan. However, I think it was her complacent stage presence that left me dissatisfied despite the fact that she sounded fantastic. Fast forward several months later, to this particular evening actually, and I finally feel like I've come to terms with her music -- really, why was I so resistant?

Laura Veirs - Bedroom Eyes Highly Recommended

Laura Veirs - Galaxies (video)

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Eric said...

I really like her new album. Soo good.