Thursday, December 15, 2005

Juan, Pablo, Jorge, umm, Santiago??

There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding the musicians, José González and Miguel Mendez. Although, based on their names you may be surprised with what you hear.

José González, pictured above, is from Sweden and heavily influenced by the works of Nick Drake and other forlorn troubadours. His music is lush and tender. Definitely check out his cover of Heartbeats, originally by The Knife.

José González - Heartbeats

Also, check out his trippy video -- can someone please offer some insight?

Video: Stay in the Shade

As for Miguel Mendez, he is from Brooklyn (via LA) and sounds eerily similar to David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. You may have first been introduced to his song, You've Got Me All Wrong, when performed by close friends, Dios Malos, on one of the O.C. Soundtracks.

Miguel Mendez - You've Got Me All Wrong

Check them out on myspace to stream more music:
José González
Miguel Mendez

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