Sunday, December 11, 2005

Arbitrary Discoveries

Sundays are for being lazy, and for watching the Browns lose (as us Clevelanders have gotten used to saying: "There is always next year"). While capitalizing on our laziness, there were a few discoveries made.

The first discovery being that Stanley Kubrick was a photographer prior to his career in film. His engaging photographs taken, while working at Look Magazine in the 1940's, have been compiled in Drama & Shadows by Rainer Crone. Which was recently released just in time for the holidays, providing the perfect gift for the ultimate Kubrick fan.

While checking out various Kubrick related items on Amazon, we came across Full Metal Jacket Diary by Matthew Modine. This intrigued us since we are both fans of the movie and also reminded us of Pony Up's highly entertaining song, "Matthew Modine."

Pony Up! - Matthew Modine

Pony Up! toured and released a split single with Ben Lee earlier this year, which inspired him to start covering it at his own shows, including the one we saw in April.

Ben Lee - Matthew Modine

Our last discovery is completely unrelated but equally cool. While reading the New York Times, Jose happened upon a feature about video blogs (officially referred to as vlogs). One particular vlog that was mentioned is Rocketboom, which is hosted by Amanda Congdon, and just celebrated its one year anniversary. Some of their webcast topics include: Remembering John Lennon, Internet Explorer vs. Firefox, and a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery.

Enjoy! :)

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