Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lure of the Underground

Jose's Review:

Back in May, thanks to Torr, I discovered The Hourly Radio. I will admit that I enjoyed their music so much that I actually bought the EP, which can now be found on iTunes here. It may be a bold statement -- however, I feel as though this band is one of my favorites of 2005 (along with We are Scientists). The Hourly Radio has recently gained more notoriety due to opening for the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Stellastarr*, and being added to woxy's rotation. While their sound isn't anything groundbreaking, there is clearly something unique that draws you in. If you tend to enjoy early U2, The Verve, early South, and Doves -- definitely check out their "Dublin via Texas" sound on myspace and below:

The Hourly Radio - Lost + Found


torr said...

I'll be doing lights for their show in Austin this Sat night, should be fun.

Jonny said...

I'll be yelling things at them.

Tim said...

I'll be casting scowls in Jonny's direction.