Monday, November 14, 2005

This is Where our Hearts Collide

The American Analog Set/Amandine Show was exceptional. Both bands sounded great and we had the fortunate opportunity to see them play at an incredible venue and in an intimate setting such as The Andy Warhol Museum.

Also, it was a pleasant surprise being introduced to Amandine, who's performance complimented AmAnSet's nicely. The band, who hail from Sweden, said that this particular show was their very first performance in the states. Amandine was originally called "Wichita Linemen" but they dropped that name last year when they signed with Fat Cat Records. We think they sound very similiar to Sun Volt, exhibiting a simple yet dimensional folk/americana sound. Amandine's studio recordings don't do their sound justice -- however, you should definitely check out this title track off their debut album (which comes out in the states tommorow):

AmAnSet/Amandine @ Andy Warhol Museum in Pitt (11/12/05)


Andrew Kenny

American Analog Set

Jackie O

Andy WLamplight

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