Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nice for the Price

We have been interested in expanding our horizons with red wines, so we purchased a bottle of Sangiovese this evening -- specifically, Il Bastardo, which was nice for the price ($7.99)

Il Bastardo's Sangiovese di Toscana complimented our white pizza and salad very well. Initially, the wine was slightly tart, but after a few sips it proved to be light on the tannins, having hints of black cherry.

The wine has 12.5% alc. and is a product of Rufina, Italy.

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Jose's Older Sister said...

I know which one of you was paying attention to the alcohol content!

I think you forgot to mention that the label is ridiculously funny. I'd try the wine based off of that! Actually, the black cherry element sold it for me. Ah, who am I kidding? Il Bastardo? Fabulous!