Monday, October 11, 2010

Seven Years Ago Today We Saw Kill Bill Vol 1

Today marks that 7 years ago we had our 1st date. It is a date that is very meaningful for us considering it changed it our lives going fwd and led to us getting married almost 2 years ago.  You may wonder what we did on our 1st date, well I didn't have a car so Kelly came and picked me up and we went to Chagrin Cinemas to go see Kill Bill Vol. 1 ( I picked the movie, good idea right?). After the movie we went to La Cave Du Vin, Kelly had her friend Jackie come and meet us there you in-case I was a weirdo and because this was the 1st time we were meeting in person since we had met on Friendster. Won't go into our 1st kiss here, but let's just say it almost involved a car cash. Last week we learned that we had been selected as of one of Metromix's final selections for Cleveland's most interesting couples found on twitter and facebook (the link is up now so please go and vote :).  It seems only fitting and at the same time very coincidental that on the 7th anniversary of our 1st date that you can vote for us as interesting couple ;)

Another thing you can help us we want to renact that date tonight by going to the movies and then going to La Cave.  I recently saw The Social Network so Kelly would prefer to see something tonight that we have not seen, we were considering The Town, Easy A, Catfsh or It's Kind of a Funny Story. Please let us know in the comments or tweet at us if any of these are worth seeing.

On the unrelated tip here is a tasty piece from Twin Shadows to help you on this Monday morning, happy Columbus Day by the way.

(mp3) Twin Shadows - Castles In The Snow 


Bridget Callahan said...

Happy Anniversary of something that isn't your actual wedding but maybe more important?!

I already voted. Promise :)

Kelly and José said...

Haha, thank you Bridget :)

True - our wedding day maybe just a little more important!