Thursday, October 07, 2010

God Bless the Indian Summer

Hooray the sun came back!!! We thought it might be gone for a few more weeks but thankfully it has not go south for the winter like the birds do yet... With everyone and their mother sick right now (Jose was down but is now on the mend) it is going to do us all in Cleveland some good to get some good old fashioned vitamin D (since we are all deficient). With the mood being uplifted it only made sense to share with you a track that on the surface promotes the optimism we both have that we can still have an "Indian summer" since we don't want to see the sight of snow anytime soon. Pedro The Lion is extremely talented and if you ever had the joy of seeing him live you know what we are talking about, the band is alas no longer together but David Bazan the lead singer is still making some great music. Two covers of his worth checking out are him remaking Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" and Leonard Cohen "Hallejuah". Now back to this song listen to the tone pay and attention to the lyrics they really capture our current frustration. Let's focus and keep our eyes on the prize because the weekend is almost here :)

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Brad said...

Forecast for cleveland is above average snow in december and january. :(