Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't you want to get Lost on Purpose?

A few years ago, Kelly and I were contacted by Will VanderWyden about posting some music for his band Lost on Purpose on our blog.  How fortuitous because not only does his music appeal to us because it sounds reminiscent of the best of Bright Eyes and Elliot Smith but also because Will is a native to North East Ohio, Amherst to be exact (although he lives out in L.A. now) and because he is a former Redhawk or ahem Miami REDSKIN.

We always like to promote his band because the music is undeniably infectious and because he long suffering Cleveland sports fan like us. This morning while killing some time on facebook before heading off to work, we noticed that Will had posted a video for  a new track "Outside L.A. Tokyo". He is currently over Japan it looks like having a blast with his lady.

The scenes in Tokyo definitely make one think of Lost In Translation. Speaking of Lost in Translation we can't wait for the new Sofia Coppola movie "Somewhere" to come out soon! :)

Back to this song it is perfect for a day like today, where you might be dreading what this week has in-store and you are looking for that little bit of sunshine to keep you going. I've only listened to it once and it is already resting comfortable inside my head.

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