Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For The Super Bowl this year....

We decided to once again make Michael Symon's awesome lump crap salsa. If you have read our blog in the past you may recall that for the Super Bowl two years ago we first mastered this delicious recipe. It just so happens that this year for Food & Wine's Super Bowl promotion they decided to included the same recipes from Michael Symon's Super Bowl Party feature. Within that feature they had the recipe for the now infamous sriracha wings (just like the ones @Bspot) from Chef Symon. These were expertly executed by Erin (Kelly's sister) and Todd (brother in law/favorite home brewer).

While perusing the Food & Wine site Kelly and Erin determined that we should also drink Bloody Mary's and that is where they found the recipe that is pictured below (which also has sriracha in it). You may also notice Band Hero. Kelly picked up that at Target before the game. The ladies had a great time singing along to No Doubt, Taylor Swift, Corine Bailey Rae, Culture Club, Santogold and many others. Kelly says this game is a must have for any pop music fan.

We just couldn't get enough Michael Symon on Monday, tonight for dinner
we (along with Jose's Mom) made his recipe for Risotto with Bay Scallops from his latest
book as seen in the picture.


Will said...

That must be one of the all-time greatest typos ever :). Please don't change it.

Kelly and José said...

Haha - somehow didn't notice the typo until your comment and skimming the post again!

Definitely good for a laugh :)


Miss E said...

I was going to say that we should be food friends since it seems like we're making the same things - but alas, you are in Cleveland! Instead I will just read your blog. :)