Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's On Tap Today: Bazaar Bizarre, Bruell, and Believeland!

With Valentine's day being tomorrow and happening to fall on a Sunday, we decided why not observe this "holiday" a day early, today. You may wonder why we wanted to move V-day up a day, well it's simply because there is LOTS of chill shiz going down today worth celebrating :) Before we start getting all mushy on you guys, we'll just leave it at that, for we certainly don't want to be accused of any EDA (aka Electronic Displays of Affection) or anything!

First off, this afternoon we are going to hit up the Valentine's Day Edition of Bazaar Bizaare, which will be held in the the space formerly occupied by the Bang and Clatter Theatre on Euclid Ave. We have had the pleasure of attending the Holiday Edition of Bazaar Bizaare a few times, but this is a 1st for V-day - we are definitely looking fwd to seeing what DIY goodies they are hawking.

After perusing Bazaar Bizarre, we couldn't have plan our location any better than to easily walk on over to Chinato for dinner. We both have been looking forward, in great anticipation to our first opportunity to dine at Zach Bruell's latest, located down on east 4th Street. We will admit that we initially wanted to make reservation at Chinato on V-day, but since they are not open tomorrow we decided to go today instead.

Once dinner we are finished with dinner, and perhaps a tasty cocktail while we're in the neighborhood at The Greenhouse Tavern, then it will be time to swing by our friend Steph's housewarming party in the Detrioit-Shoreway.

Our next highlight of this evening of firsts, is to check out local upstarts Cloud Nothings at Cleveland's newest venue, Believeland. This band, which is lead by 18 year old Dylan Baldi, have been creating quite a stir over the last few months in the world of music blogs everywhere (including a mention from none other than Stereogum). This is their last show in the area for a little bit as they will be bringing the music to the people of our nation and even down to this year's SXSW. You do not want to miss any of the hooks of this fuzz filled lo-fi pop driven band's songs - they are downright ridiculous.

(mp3) The Cloud Nothings - Can't Stay Awake

Hope to cross paths with some of you today - enjoy the weekend*

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