Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Take a Deep Breath and Relax Edition)

This afternoon, we *finally* had the opportunity to see the film, Persepolis, which received an Oscar nod for Best Animated Feature Film. We both had been looking forward to viewing this movie for quite some time -- and (for once), we can honestly say that we were very pleased with its outcome. While sitting through the previews prior to this feature, we were pleasantly surprised to see an effective promotional ad for Cleveland's 32nd International Film Festival. Speaking of this very special local event, you might remember that The Ten played at last year's Film Festival, directed by C-town's own David Wain. We have extremely mixed feelings about The Ten, sooo if anyone can please provide their own feedback we would definitely appreciate it ;)

While returning home from our afternoon activities, we are unwinding to these choice tunes:


5. {mp3} Vampire Weekend - Kids Don't Stand A Chance (KEXP Acoustic) We so wished we could have made it to their performance last night at The Andy Warhol Museum, but alas, it was not in the stars* (For example, tickets were going for more than $100 a piece on Craigslist!)

4. {mp3} Tori Amos - I'm On Fire (Bruce Springstein Cover) Special thanks to Music is Art for exposing us to this chilling rendition of The Boss classic.

3. {mp3} Mobius Band - Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover) Mobius Band was nice enough to offer everyone a present for this past V-Day with a new ep full of lovely covers from Daft Punk, Bob Dylan, The National, Neil Young among others.

2. {mp3} The Bird and the Bee - Fucking Boyfriend (Goodlife Mike Remix) Our buddy let us in on his banging remix of this awesome song. If you're in the Cleveland area, you mustn't forget to check out his must-see event on Saturday, March 1st at Touch.

1. {mp3} Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do We admittedly are reading Under The Radar's latest issue where their singing the praises of BFL in their Best Of 2007 -- already being into Natasha Khan's music, we are welcoming being re-immersed in her sounds.

ps - This post was fueled by a bottle of Red Diamond's Cab Sauv (2004 vintage)

note: We especially loved that this wine was a perfect "starter wine," being very mellow -- especially given the fact that we are still full from our early dinner at the fabulous Happy Buddha Cafe (special thanks to Fun Playing with Food for the excellent recommendation!)

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