Monday, February 04, 2008

Carla Bruni no more*

Every Sunday, we both gleefully look forward to dissecting The New York Times, particularly the Sunday Styles section. . .yes, it is happens to be a guilty pleasure we share ;)

So, while soaking in the major headlines we were pleasantly surprised to see one of Kelly's favorite musicians, Carla Bruni, featured on the front page of the World section in yesterday's edition. Pictured is Carla sitting pretty and gazing in the distance with Nicolas Sarkozy under the headline, French Leader and Ex-Model Wed in Quiet Ceremony. We quickly recalled just a mere two weeks earlier, when the Sunday Styles informed us that they were a hot "new" item. Actually, if anything we were happy for Sarkozy's good fortune because we felt so badly for him when watching him on a recent 60 Minutes interview, abruptly cutting it short when asked about his ex-wife leaving him.

The beginning lines of the aforementioned Times article cites her as being a self proclaimed "tamer of men" while describing monogamy as boring. Fortuitously, those dancing days are (now) gone for Carla Bruni. . .or perhaps they have only begun?

[Mp3] Carla Bruni - Those Dancing Days Are Gone

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