Saturday, February 09, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Stop and Savor Edition!)

Upon dropping Kelly's parents off at the airport, we decided to treat ourselves to a wholesome and healthy (and delicious!) brunch at the awesome little establishment known as Organic Energy. . .We're still savoring the flavors of our Supersonic Smoothie (blueberry, raspberry, mango, strawberry, ginseng, and topped off with an antioxidant shot). . .mmm

Along similar lines, here are some wholesome and delicious songs for you to savor throughout this lovely, lazy Saturday afternoon:

{mp3} The Antlers - The Apple Orchard (Beach House Cover) Both of us being suckers for dreamy landscapes, this song seems like a gift sent down from the heavens

4. {mp3} Lost On Purpose - The 70's From our buddy Will's latest offering, Not If But When, is a song we found to be an especially fast favorite, summoning the spirit of Elliott Smith

3. {mp3} Headlights - Cherry Tulips We just started listening to Headlights' new album, Some Racing, Some Stopping, a few days ago and have already become quite attached to it's warm and sunny melodies

2. {mp3} Coconut Records - It's Not You It's Me How can we not be smitten with Jason Schwartman's perfect pop "recipe" = Brendan Benson + Beach Boys + Phoenix??

1. {mp3} Deer Tick - Beautiful Girls This is an undeniably catchy song (yes, originally performed by Sean Kingston) that will have you snapping your fingers and singing along in no time ;)


ryan said...

i have been on a serious smoothie kick lately---like seriously 4 or 5 a week

i don't know about any organic places near here, but i've been frequenting the smoothie place at legacy village and robeks at harvard park. i'm a fan of the strictly fruit and non-fat yogurt smoothies that tropical cafe does, whereas robeks tends to use juice and sorbet, but it's still quality

i actually heard that deer tick cover a month or two ago. i like the nod to "stand by me" towards the end, because 90% of the kids listening to kingston's song have no idea what he is sampling the entire time, or that he's sampling anything at all


thank you for telling me that there's a new headlights album. i really loved their last one.

ryan said...

Okay, so for lunch today I went to Organic Energy, and I've decided that I need to clarify my last comment: While I am a fan of smoothies, I am not a fan of $8 smoothies.

I know organic fruit is expensive, but holy shit.

Kelly & José said...

haha -- we completely agree, thus the reason we shared our $8 smoothie ;) making it a slightly more justifiable $4 smoothie??