Saturday, June 16, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week + Ohio City 5K Run and Crawl

This beautiful evening will be spent running a 5K in Ohio City's Second Annual Run & Crawl (aka: Night Run/Walk & Post Race Pub Crawl!). It will mark the first time for both us running in any kind of race actually -- although, we hope there will be many more to come. Coming up, in late July we are going to participate in A Shot in the Dark hosted by Winking Lizard's, where there are teams of two and each person runs 2 miles.

For now, wish us luck and enjoy these Top Five Songs of the Week!

5. [Mp3] Summer Hymns - Start Swimming

4. [Mp3] Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough

3. [Mp3] Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide

2. [Mp3] Palomar - One Haunt

1. [Mp3] Emily Haines - Rowboat

1 comment:

Apodysophilic Alterego said...

Another OC resident! Cool! How was it for you?

Second time for me. Better course this year than last.