Thursday, June 07, 2007

Killing time till game one...

Some people (who shall remain nameless) have brought to our attention that we have been only doing posts that seem to always include a mention of The Cavs incredible playoff run but we here believe that those people are infact jealous because their team (insert city) have already been eliminated from the playoffs. We here in C-town are used to the haters so that does not phase us at all. We are pre-gaming right now as we enjoy some Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale is goes down very easily on a hate day like today. We are trying to remain calm before the storm begins @9pm. We don't like any of the songs that are The Cavs songs so here are some other songs with the words Rise Up in the title

(mp3) Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - Rise up with fists! (new rilo kiley album in august :)

(mp3) Cursive - Rise Up! Rise Up! (remember when Cursive didn't suck?

(mp3) Votrox - Rise up In The Dird (can't wait to see them next week @ The Beachland)

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