Saturday, June 02, 2007

C-town is ready to take it to the D-town

In the last week Detroit teams are presently 0-8 Against the Tribe and Cavs and after tonight we have a strong feeling it is going to be 0-10. Right now we are just killing time as we await the start of 6 game of the Eastern Conference Finals. On Thursday we watched that thrilling double O.T. victory from Panini's in Coventry and tonight we will be heading to dinner @ Fahrenheit in Tremont and then watching another thrilling victory from Bier Markt in Ohio City. If Cleveland teams are not your thing here are two suggestions how to spend your evening.

1. This weekend is the first Murray Hill Art Hop of the year and it runs thru Sunday down in Little Italy.

2. Tonight @ 9pm @ Bela Dubby, Coltrane Motion (these guys are from Chit-town and they make indie dance rock that is a combination of shoe gazey rock + 60's soul jams with a laptop) they are playing along with openers Hot Tapes & Clear Away Days.

(mp3) Coltrane Motion - Ex Girlfriend in A Coma

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