Saturday, May 19, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week ( So happy :) )

Right now we are so freaking happpy, we are watching hour 23 of the Human Giant 24 hour marathon as drink our coffee and eat some amazing coffee house crunch ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It is a sunny saturday here in C-town and The Cavs F*CKING Won, Bring On Deee-TROIT! , The Indians are back in 1st (that's right Tigers we are not going to go away) and NO WORK TODAY. This afternoon we are going to go see Year of The Dog, we will be sure to let you know how it is and that's all for now. Enjoy the tunes and the sun :)

5. (mp3) Dawn Landes -Young Folks ( Peter, Bjorn & John cover) first it was endless remixes of this song and now it is time for the covers. This is the first one we have heard it and it's worth giving a listen.

4. (mp3) Machine Go Boom - All The Way to Pa This band hails from C-town and so therefore they DO NOT SUCK. The play infectious pop driven fuzz kinda like the dead milkmen meets the pixies.

3. (mp3) Battles - Atlas yes we are jumping on the bandwagon. At first we were were resitstant and like what the f*ck?, This is math rock? After recently spending some time with their new album "Mirrored" it is really starting to grow on us. (it is good music to listen to while spying on your neighbors)

2. (mp3) Promiscuous With You - Party Ben (mash up Nelly Furtado vs Michael Jackson) this mash makes us smile. Kelly's fave summer record 06 is Ms. Furtado's latest we have yet to find the soundtrack to summer 07? Perhaps Justice because Kelly thinks I am in love with it...

1.(mp3) JUSTICE - D.A.N.C.E. the full length recently leaked if you look around you will find it. If you have not head this song by now, you should because it is the jam & check out the kick ass video ass well.

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