Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Time To Rise Up!

Right now I am sitting here watching Human Giant's 24 hour marathon. I think you should do the same. Human Giant is the 3rd new T.V. show this year I have become a fan of along with The Riches and The Sarah Silverman Program. While we were are on the topic of Sarah Silverman, Kelly and I are super stoaked that she is hosting the MTV movie awards this year -- usually we don't give two sh*ts about that show, but since she is the host it should prove worth our time.

On to even more positive things. . .

1. Morrissey F*CKING owned last night. It was a great show so if he comes to your town you should definitely go!

2. Today's is Kelly's sister Erin's birthay. Happy Birthday, Erin!.

3. The CAVS ARE GOING TO WIN TONIGHT! and eliminate the Nets from the playoffs. Go Cavs!

4. Today marks the first of many Mojito Friday's @ Bier Markt. If we didn't have plans we would be heading over to their patio to have one ourselves.

5. The Indians are going to beat the Reds tonight and shed first blood in the 2007 battle of O-H-I-O.

6. We don't have to have to work tomorow. Hooray for Sleeping in!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Teamgf,

looking forward to tonight!

Go Cavs/Indians!!