Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Christmas In Our Inbox Edition)

photo courtesy of Cleveland Public Art

Being a music blogger this time of year is always interesting because bands are always doing Christmas covers and originals. It is great pleasure in listening to people's interpretations or even their own idea of what a Christmas/Holiday song means to them. This year is no exception recently we found in our inbox these goodies to share with you

5. (mp3) Middle Distance Runner - "Holiday (Be Good To Me)" These guys from D.C. bring us a happy pop tune about all the things they do not want to see go wrong during this holiday season.

4. (mp3) MoneyPenny - "Christmas Time Is Here" (Charlie Brown Cover) Duo of ladies hailing from The Windy City who make some choice dance electro tunes they will make you bounce. Check out their cover of this Charlie Brown classic.

3. (mp3) The Hush Now "Wishing You A Happy Christmas" straight out of Boston this party of five, make some of the catchiest indie nerd rock this side of Fountains of Wayne and Weezer. Here is some Christmas distortion for you!

2. (mp3) Jessie Baylin - "Mrs. Christmas"
Ms. Baylin is based out of Nashville, TN, she plays some pretty folk music and she recently got married to Nate Followill the drummer from The Kings of Leon.

1. (mp3) Harper Blynn - "Christmas Aint' No Good Without You" New york quartet they make music that is simply just... addictive. soul bearing classic rock styled compositions.

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