Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye Turner's Mill, Hello Rosewood Grill

When Turner's Mill closed a couple years ago, my family was not only shocked but saddened. This swanky yet inviting Hudson establishment had been one of our absolute favorites - whether it was to enjoy a drink while listening to live jazz music or to celebrate with an equally exquisite and comforting meal during a visit home from college.

It has seemed like a loong two years since Turner's Mill closed its doors, but *finally* a new restaurant has opened in its (almost non-recognizable) place: Rosewood Grill

Last week, it was quite obvious that I wasn't the only one anticipating Rosewood Grill's debut - after all, I happened to go on its very SECOND day of existence, and was welcomed to a packed house and over an hour wait. However, this was not necessarilly a bad thing because I was with close friends and this gave us the opportunity to soak in the classy and warm atmosphere of the bar. A completely new addition and absolutely beautiful - although crowded, it was somehow still comfortable, and the martini/wine/beer lists are impressive.

Upon being seated, we quickly ordered hors d'oeuvres - which proved to be a tough decision because everything sounded insanely delicious. We compromised on the calamari and flatbread w/ brie & caramelized onions. Both were surprisingly generous portions, each tasting superb - the calamari was especially a hit.

A downfall I cannot neglect to mention was the excessive delay to receive our entrees - however, we all reminded each other that the Rosewood Grill had only been open for two days (although by the way they were on top of nearly everything else, one would never have guessed!) and understandably were working out the timing of their kitchen and service. A definite bonus was, again, the atmosphere - the exposed brick of the dining area exuded coziness while the table settings and lighting were simply sophisticated.

My friends ordered the roasted chicken and lobster rolls (made with yogurt instead of mayo was the selling point) while I ordered an Asian chicken salad - all dishes were undeniably fantastic. Although, next time I'll be a lot more adventurous with my selection. . .

Overall - the Rosewood Grill is a restaurant I would highly recommend to those planning a night out with their friends as well as those craving a romantic date spot. This is also a place one could suggest to even the pickiest of diners (ie - my parents) - I have complete confidence that it will get even better with time*


Tino said...

Kelly -- The food looks great! I'll definitely have to check them out soon. Does the Rosewood Grill specialize in any specific type of cuisine? Or is it kind of an amalgamation of various cuisines?

Come to think of it, I haven't done many Hudson restaurants on my blog ... perhaps I need to do a nice two week stretch to feature some of Hudson's (hopefully) finest.

Kelly and José said...

Hey :)

At the risk of sounding vague - I would describe The Rosewood Grill's cuisine as "Americana" or upscale bar food. The menu kind of reminds me of a less expensive version of Blue Canyon's. A menu also somewhat similar to Southside in Tremont.

As for the dining scene in Hudson, I would HIGHLY suggest Downtown 140 (even if only for drinks + apps) and The Tomato Grill. Also LOVE Pad Thai. Yours Truly is a breakfast staple, but you've probably already been to one of their other locations. The North End has fantastic beer/wine dinners. Luchita's is hit or miss - but, their Happy Hours are worth checking out, especially when it's warm and you can sit out on the patio.

Okay, I'm cut off - hope this helps and looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you check these places out!


Anonymous said...

Food was not very good no flavor and server was average at best.. Will be awhile before a return for my girls and I

Valerie said...

We liked it a lot (and we've had trouble finding good restaurants in the lower southside) I ordered the Sapphire 11 and can't say I ever had such a good drink before.

avasil said...

thanks for reviewing! i live right down the street and haven't made it out yet. i've heard only good things...maybe i'll drag my fiance out tonight for happy hour! :O)