Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our power has gone out 10 times since we got home from work....

It's been a few days. . .Since we last talked, we went to The Browns game on Sunday (with an amazing view, as seen in our picture taken above), witnessing a great game as they went on to beat Houston 27-17, making our record 7-4 for this season. Neither of us can believe the Browns are doing this well, it is awesome that they stopped sucking -- and it was about time too!! While on the subject of Cleveland sports, we've been watching The Cavs game this evening and are hoping they can do what the Indians could not do and actually BEAT BOSTON! **Update we beat the Celtics 109-104 in overtime!***

While enjoying this intense Cavs-Celtics battle, we have been calming our nerves to the sounds of our itunes set to shuffle and these are some of the great songs we have heard in no particular order:

(mp3) My Latest Novel - Boredom Killed Another

(mp3) Zookeeper - I Live In The Mess You Are

(mp3) Pilate - In Your Hideout

(mp3) Old Canes - Taxi In Vermont

(mp3) High Drivers - How Long

(mp3) Persephone Bee's - City Of Love

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