Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey, it's Friday!

We can't even tell you how wonderful it feels on this crisp, clear Friday evening. At the moment, we are sipping on some dry (yet very slightly sweet) Gurtzemener Gewurztraminer, which makes for a perfect aperitif to compliment pita chips and garlic-y hummos. While we happily drink and chow down, the ethereal, blippy, and glitchy sounds of DNTEL's latest offering, Dumb Luck, hums from our speakers. . .

Our plans for the evening include eating at the *much* anticipated new restaurant (and extension of Bier Markt), Bar Cento, following our viewing Arabella Proffer's final showing at Asterick Gallery.

[Mp3] DNTEL (ft. Jenny Lewis) - Roll On

[Mp3] DNTEL (ft. Arthur & Yu) - The Distance

[Mp3] DNTEL (ft. Lali Puna) - I'd Like To Know

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Anonymous said...

surely you mean gewurztraminer