Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cleveland are you ready for Vega 4? Win Free Tickets!

This coming Monday evening, if you have no plans, then you should definitely head down to Cleveland's House of Blues and check out up and coming band Vega 4 as they open for Augustana. For those of you not familiar with Vega 4, they originally formed in London back in '99 and have been trying to perfect their lineup ever since. The band is now a collection of guys from all over the world: with members hailing from Ireland (including Gavin Fox, formerly the bassist of a favorite band of ours, Idlewild), New Zealand, and Canada.

Vega 4 is currently on their first U.S. tour supporting the their album You and Others, which is currently out in the UK, and will soon be released stateside this year. The album was produced by Garret "jacknife" Lee who has worked with U2, Bloc Party, The Editors and Snow Patrol. The band is riding the popularity of their song Life is Beautiful which debuted last year on November 2nd's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

As far as their sound, we would have to say they remind us of bands like Snow Patrol, Coldplay and The Killers. It also can't hurt that last year NME said about Vega 4 that "they will give The Killers a run for their money." While we feel this is band is not doing anything particularly groundbreaking, we can't help but to take a genuine liking to what we have heard from them because their songs connect with you and leave you wanting more. If their studio recordings alone can do this for us, you can just bet what a live performance must be like.

Check out a recent radio performance the band did on Minnesota Public Radio.

**To win tickets to their show on Monday -- just email us and define what a Vega 4 is!

Bonus: Check out this Grey's Anatomy clip below that features their song Life is Beautiful:


a-silent-room said...

It has to be a great show.I'd like to see both bands.
I don't know that one of Vega4 was before in Idlewild. Wow! Interesting thing.

As I always say, and if I dont tell you before,it's a great blog. And the songs are always good.

I think I lost the last ones, 7 days pass fast. :S Never mind.

Greetings from Spain

Jackée said...

OOOH whatta great combo...Grey's, Vega 4, and Augustana. "I think I'll go to Boston...". What an inspiration! I miss you bunches! Kiss, Kiss...