Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seeing is Believing

Last night Kelly and I went down to Columbus to see Voxtrot make their Ohio debut (they definitely need to come to Cleveland soon). And, what a debut it was -- the show took place @ Andyman's Treehouse (which is a unique bar in of itself, also really hard to find.), where there could not have been more than 30 people watching, cramped in a tiny room that has a tree in the middle, covered in lights. The christmas lights on the tree and the stage made me think of The Flaming Lips or that one picture of clap your hands say yeah.

Voxtrot didn't go on until 12am, meaning we didn't get home until about 4am due to the two hour drive from Columbus to Cleveland -- however, the show was great enough to justify being sleep deprived today. This band is extremely talented and so fun and catchy to see perform. They had a great attitude and energy despite the lack of people in attendance and that their drummer was fighting a 102 fever (Ramesh, the lead singer, had just gotten over the same flu) <--see saturday post @ gorilla vs bear. Their set included one new song (which we unfortunately didn't catch the name of), most of their "old" material and a Talking Heads cover, Heaven.

As far as what Voxtrot sounds like to us, we think they have elments of: The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, The Beatles, Spoon and the Lucksmiths. We did not record the show but wish we had -- still have to purchase iTalk (does anyone know whether it's worth it?). After today's peformance on WOXY Lounge Acts there will finally be some live mp3's of their's so people will know what they are missing.

Check the south by southwest blog see you in the pit for some good info on them.

Also, check out this recent interview them @ dusted magazine to find out some of Ramesh's favorite records.

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that is dedication my man, dedication